by - January 29, 2017


Saya ingin merekap kata mutiara favorit saya selama bulan Januari ini dan saya di share di kolom QUOTE OF THE DAY.

1 (from Vemale)
“Be a person that others will look for your posts daily because they know you will encourage them. Be the positive one and help others to have a great day and you will find that not only they like you but you will like you too.” ― John Patrick Hickey, Oops! Did I Really Post That

2 (from Andra Alodita)
“The thing is, no matter how good you try to be, some people will just find a reason to project their negativity, which I think, are actually grown out of their own insecurities. Therefore, see the bigger picture. All the hate comments you're receiving are actually not personal to you - it's all about the haters themselves and what is missing inside of them.”
- Diana Rikasari

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    1. Bener banget kak, persis banget apa yang saya 'butuhkan' buat menyemangati saya